National Museum Welcomes AP Art History

By Dr. JL Murdoch Nov 11, 2016

The National Museum of Korea graciously welcomed the AP Art History class with a special guided tour on Saturday, November 5. Three of the works on the new AP Art History curriculum are from Korea. Two of those works, the Gold and Jade Crown from the Silla Kingdom and a portrait from the Imperial Bureau of Painting are at the National Museum. English-speaking docents described the context and content of each piece and then detailed the process by which portraits were created during this period in history.

From the permanent collection we moved to the current special exhibition, The City In Art: Art In The City where we were taken through an impressive display of landscapes, scenes of an ideal society, genre paintings, reflections of social classes, and early photographic images. The Crown and portrait exhibits are on permanent display while the special exhibition is open until November 23. Both are well worth your time for families and individuals alike.

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