Model United Nations Team Shines in Jeju

By Martin Y. Feb 27, 2017

This year's MUN GECMUN trip to Jeju proved to be a profound experience for our delegates. Our first night at the Jeju Aerospace Hotel proved that we were still very much in Korea. The well-stocked CU on the first floor along with fried chicken delivery to hotel rooms proved just that. Yet, as the first glimpses of the morning sun crept across the endless Jeju tea fields the very next morning, we were introduced to a different face of Korean one that we as Seoulites don't often see with our waking eyes. Instantly, scenes from the Lion King flashed in our minds, with its vast Savannah plains flooded with the rising orange sun. Lloyd B., felt at home, remarking, "Ah, Africa, just like back home." The rest of us felt small in the midst of such a great and natural beauty. But while we battled away vigorously that day at the beautiful campus of Branksome Hall, I was reminded of the Secretary General's opening ceremony speech - that we as young students, so insignificant and small, can still move the gears of this world by contributing our politically engaged voices.

Awards Kenneth Y. with Honorable Mention. Next, Lloyd B., Martin Y., Zane H., Jay B., and Henry Z. with Outstanding Delegate awards. Last but not least, Soumin S., Danny K., James K., Gina S., and Jiyu S. with Best Delegate awards. Eleven of our sixteen members walked away with awards this year. Regardless of awards however, every single member of the YISS MUN team emerged more confident, more skilled, and more a part of this world's change than ever.

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