Middle & High School Spiritual Emphasis Week Challenges Students

Jan 31, 2018
NICS SEW Leaders

Each January, YISS middle and high school students in the NICS program participate in Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW), and this year’s event took place from January 23-26. Students had extended chapel times Tuesday-Friday in order to be challenged with the gospel and what it means to walk and live by faith in Christ.

Gerald on ladder

The theme for the 2018 NICS High School SEW was “filters,” and guest speakers Gerald Fadayomi and Reed Moore traveled to Seoul from Atlanta, Georgia to lead the sessions. “This week, we’re going to be talking about filters because everyone has a filter by which they view the world,” stated Gerald as he kicked off the week. Gerald and Reed presented messages with illustrations from Scripture and their lives that helped students see that God wants them to view Him with the “Father filter,” cautioned them against relating to God via a “performance filter,” and exhorted Christians to be a “Jesus filter” to those who do not know Christ.

Shawn rope

This year’s SEW for middle school, with the theme “Of Living For God - An Audience of One” was an encouraging week led by special speaker Shawn McBride from Truth for Youth out of Washington D.C. He enthusiastically shared about his life and dynamic Bible messages with the students in memorable ways. Shawn shared about God’s everlasting love and forgiveness for each student and invited them to get closer to God in a personal relationship with Him. He challenged the students to dare to be different by following God and avoiding distractions that would lead them away from God. One of the talks that impacted students the most was on the brevity of life and the importance of living each day closely with God. The middle school students shared that they were both encouraged and challenged to live for God as they moved forward into 2018.

SEW small group

Worship this year was led by husband and wife team Mike and Ali Morter, who incorporated some fun games and pop songs into their sets. Students also had time at the end of each session to share and discuss what they were learning with other students and teachers in small groups. The NICS SEW Reflection Night, which was held on Friday, January 26, capped off the week’s activities.

YISS thanks Gerald, Reed, Shawn, Mike, and Ali for taking the time to come to Seoul, meet with our students, and share their love for God with us.

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