Junior-Senior Banquet an Unforgettable Night on the Han

By Ann K. Jun 4, 2018
JS Banquet

Decked out in beautiful dresses and sharp tuxedos, students and teachers stunned each other with their striking looks and bright smiles as they arrived at the Junior-Senior Banquet, held on Friday, June 1. This year’s unforgettable event took place at the Vista Pub on one of the Hangang Sevit Floating Islands. This year’s theme was Midnight on the Seine, coined from the movie Midnight in Paris, and the intimate venue was decorated with navy upholstery, white flowers, and silver sparkles to match the theme.


Some were accompanied by dates, while others spent the night with friends. The banquet kicked off with the Whisper Challenge, during which students tried to guess phrases as blasting music from noise-reducing headphones deafened them. Soon afterward, waiters served delicious dishes, including a tomato salad with crab meat and grilled tenderloin steak with port wine sauce, to satisfy everyone’s stomachs. Dinner was accompanied by delightful performances by several students: Adeline K. (11) and Grant L. (12), Tayne K. (11) and Eric L. (11); Lina P. (11) and Jaydon H. (11); Danny K. (12), Brian K. (12), and Brendan L. (12); and Vanessa S. (11).


Throughout the evening, guests roamed around to take pictures at the photo booth and outside on the terrace, in front of the breathtaking view of the river. Hearty laughter and unforgettable memories seemed to fill not only the venue but all of the Floating Islands. This year’s JS Banquet was not merely an annual school event but an extraordinary night on the Han River.

Han River

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