Junior-Senior Banquet 2017

By Diane K. May 31, 2017

Full-length gowns, black tuxedos, painful five-inch heels, and awkward hover-hand photos all perfectly summed up one of the most anticipated high school events of each year: the Junior-Senior Banquet. This year, the JS banquet took place on May 19 in a beautiful venue in Chungdam-dong called "The Class." Although the venue was smaller compared to the size of previous years' venues, it was equally--or even more--stunningly decorated and breathtakingly elaborate.The size of the venue, in fact, gave a stronger feeling of intimacy to the night. Moreover, the shimmering lights, vividly-colored flowers, and elegantly-lit tables perfectly illuminated this year's theme for the banquet, "La Lumire de la Nuit" or "The Light of the Night" in French.

Juniors, seniors, and teachers, with either their partners or friends, attended the event to celebrate another successful year at YISS and, more importantly, to honor and congratulate the Class of 2017. The banquet was filled with laughter and smiles as it was a time to relax and simply have fun!

There were various games played, videos shown, and performances given throughout the night. Hosted by two seniors, Christina L. and Misheel B., the Pepero Game and Mad Libs kicked off the night. During dinner, the high school Jazzed Club played beautiful background music from the veranda. Then after dinner, there were outstanding musical and dance performances by Grant L. (11), Juhee C. (12), Te Hun K. (12), and Sehee M. (12). Last but not least, the Senior Video put together by the JS Committee was shown; this was a heartwarming video made for each of the attending seniors, thanking them for their hard work and contribution to YISS.

When asked what part of this year's banquet was their favorite or most memorable, one of the seniors recalled that, "having the jazz band play songs in the background to set the atmosphere was memorable." Another senior said, "JS itself was such a good experience as I was able to see all my classmates, teachers, and other students dress up one last time before we all head off [in] different directions."

With all the entertainment, food, and photos, time seemed to pass too quickly through the night--and it was over before we knew it. All in all, the JS Banquet this year was a great success from different perspectives. It went beyond just a night to dress up and take photos with friends; it was a beautiful night of memories and laughter.

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