High School Orchestra Performs Polished Pops Concert

By Lynelle Harding Apr 30, 2018

The Combined High School Orchestra gave an amazing, high-quality performance on Monday, April 23. The two classes of high school orchestra combined efforts to play works by John Williams and Ludwig van Beethoven, a clever piece written entirely based upon the mathematical constant "pi," plus the composition "Allegro for Hydroponic Systems" from the online game known as "Offworld Trading Company."


The 'A' Block Orchestra rose to the challenge of performing Mendelssohn's Octet and was also featured in two "barrage" pieces: "Calypso Jam" and "Mountain Spring," both written by Dean Marshall. "Mountain Spring" was accompanied by photos of the Rocky Mountains from early spring to late summer. The photos were graciously provided by Mrs. Harding's brother and sister-in-law, Tim and Carrie Cooney of the "Climbing Cooneys." Violin soloist Jocelyn R. (12) was featured in the piece.


The 'E' Block Orchestra showed their tremendous growth and artistry as they performed Vivaldi's Concerto Grosso in D Minor, "The Dargason" from St. Paul's Suite by Gustav Holst, and a high energy piece called "Folk Tune Air and Fiddler's Fury." The soloists included violinists David L. (10) and Annie N. (10).


Two piano trios were featured during the concert as well. The first was a Mendelssohn Trio performed by Gina S. (12) on violin, Katherine Y. (11) on cello, and Ms. Esther Jeon on piano. This was a polished performance which demonstrated the passion, excellence, and artistry of the composer as well as the performers. The second trio featured Jocelyn R., Katherine Y., and Ms. Jeon performing "The Last Carnival" by Tsuru Norihiro. This was an exquisitely beautiful performance by the trio.


The evening also included senior recognitions, awards, and lettering for both orchestras. The top orchestra awards were presented to Jocelyn R., Gina S., Katherine Y., Shelley C. (11), and Kelly Y. (10).

To view the concert, click here.

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