H.K.E. Expands Mission and Attends LOVE Flea Market

By Kailey K. Oct 24, 2018
HKE Flea Market

Helping Kids Every Day (H.K.E.) is a high school club that was started by a group of students when they were in 6th grade. Originally, the club’s mission was to help kids in Korea who needed school supplies. Each year, H.K.E. has run the “School Supplies Project,” for which the members collect unused or gently used school supplies and donate them to orphanages for kids who need them. At the end of the year the 2017-2018 school year, the club was able to donate 18 boxes of school supplies to three orphanages in the countryside of Korea.

As the club got older, H.K.E. expanded from not just doing the School Supplies Project but also holding in-school and out-of-school fundraisers to earn money and donate it to an organization called Good Neighbors. In order to raise money, H.K.E. has held many Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts sales and has operated booths at FunFest and the International Bazaar.

HKE Flea Market

This year, H.K.E. tried a new fundraiser. On September 14 and 15, members of H.K.E. attended the LOVE Flea Market held at IFC Mall. At the flea market, club members sold handmade beaded bracelets and clothes and earned ₩333,000. H.K.E. was happy to donate 100% of the profits to Good Neighbors to enable kids to have surgery. The LOVE Flea Market is something that H.K.E. plans to attend annually in order to not only donate school supplies but to branch out and earn more money to help bigger causes.

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