GWAM Report: Korea Trips

Apr 17, 2015


Team Kunsan, the longest running GWAM trip, has been running an English camp at a single mother's home since 2004. Over time, the trip has grown to include visits to a Special Needs Center and after school programs for children. Much of our time is spent playing with children and showing them love.

The team was also able to help out with maintenance projects at the facilities. Kunsan is an intensive trip with much condensed into a few days, but it is very rewarding. There is a great sense of joy with the children we work with and that joy really sticks with team members.


The Taebaek team spent six wonderful days of performing concerts (8 of them in total), teaching a music and English camp to 23 kids from Shin Taebaek Baptist Church, ministering to the elderly of the church, and working with special needs students from the Mirea School.

We also took two trips to the eastern coast of South Korea, where we toured Korea's largest cave, rode the Coast Rail Bike, and visited the Sun Cruise Resort.

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