Guest Speaker Shares Insights About Self-Esteem & TCKs

Mar 14, 2016

YISS had the privilege of hosting Dr. Josephine Kim, a faculty member at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and mental health counselor, for two parent presentations on March 14. Dr. Kim is the author of The Secret of Children's Self-Esteem and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a National Certified Counselor whose clinical skills and experiences span many contexts including residential facilities, community agencies, and public and private schools.

During her two sessions, Dr. Kim shared about how parents have a tremendous influence in building or stripping their child's self-esteem as well as shaping their child's cultural identity. Using an interactive online poll, Dr. Kim invited parents to respond to questions aimed at giving insight into how self-confidence is formed. She explained that self-esteem is not something that a child is born with, but rather formed through a very long process and how parents are a mirror through which children learn about themselves.

During the session on Third Culture Kids, Dr. Kim shared how she spent her early years in Korea before moving to Chicago with her family. She talked about the hardships of adapting to a completely new culture and facing an identity crises regarding her Korean heritage during her teen years. Now as an adult TCK, Dr. Kim sees how her multicultural experiences have enriched her life and have opened greater personal and professional opportunities for her.

Dr. Kim's presentations are available for YISS parents to view online until May 30.

Parent Session 1 - The Parent- Effect: The Power to Build (or Strip) a Child's Self-Esteem

Parent Session 2 - Third Culture Kids: Facilitating a Healthy Cultural Identity

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