GOES Helps Kids of Cambodia, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka

Apr 24, 2018

YISS' high school Guardians Outreach Education & Service (GOES) program sent teams to serve in Cambodia, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka during Spring Break this year. The three teams were able to serve local children while having fun.



Over Spring Break, the YISS GOES Cambodia team continued their partnership for the third year with the His Child ministry. His Child serves the children of Cambodia in a number of ways by educating them and sharing the gospel of Jesus with them. Working with His Child in and around Ta Khmau, Cambodia, the team was able to spend time with hundreds of kids. The high school students played games, made crafts, sang, and acted out the stories of David & Goliath and “The Sin Box” at Doulos Church, several villages, two kindergartens, and His Child’s Children’s Home.


Another aspect of the trip involved exploring Cambodian culture and history. The team was able to tour the Tuol Sleng Museum, where they were able to meet two survivors of the prison during the time of the Khmer Rouge, and they also toured an ancient temple and its grounds, allowing them to see and enjoy Cambodian architecture. To cap off the trip, the group went sightseeing around Phnom Penh, which included shopping at the famous Russian Market and continuing their team building with a couple of intense games of laser tag.

Enjoy this video the Cambodia team produced about their adventure.

Leaders: Ms. Flores, Mr. Fisher, Ms. Minor

Members: Yoonsung R. (12), Yuki U. (12), Raghd A. (11), Maya H. (11), Hannah K. (11), Esther L. (11), Stephen S. (11), Sungyu C. (10), Jean P. (10), Simone B. (9), Carra K. (9), Harrison O. (9), Jojo P. (9), Deyona P. (9), Jenny S. (9)

Manila, Philippines


As a team of 17 students and four teachers, GOES Manila was able to serve at Samaritan's Place (SP) near Manila. SP is a group of homes for children who do not have parents or people to raise them. The children live in one of two homes on a small compound with a married couple and are parented right alongside the birth children of their house parents. The purpose of the GOES trip was to encourage the staff and children at SP.


The team members were able to give one-on-one attention to each child who resided at SP. On Saturday, the team ran a VBS-like program for the SP children and many other local children who were willing to hear about Jesus. Around 100 kids listened to Bible stories and made crafts that reinforced the Bible lessons. The YISS students also taught songs and motions to the children. On Sunday, the team ran a shorter version of the program in a poverty-stricken neighborhood. One special activity the team was able to plan was to take the children to a pool and teach swim lessons that were specifically adapted for each child. It was an amazing week overall, packed with hugs, playing with children, and bonding as a GOES team.

Enjoy this video the Manila team produced about their adventure.

Leaders: Mr. Ha, Ms. Lewis, Ms. Morley, Ms. Samson

Members: Rachel K. (12), Tu-Ahn N. (12), Yunee P. (12), Soohyun R. (12), Max C. (11), Sam C. (11), Kevin L. (11), Justin O. (11), Gracie P. (11), Sherly P. (11), Vanessa S. (11), Eliana K. (10), Joanne L. (10), Noah P. (10), Saron S. (10), Jennifer C. (9), Nicky C. (9)

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

GOES Sri Lanka traveled to Colombo and then immediately boarded a van and drove five hours to Pundalouya, a village in the Central Province. Upon arrival, the team was greeted with flowers by children who had been waiting all day to meet them. The local church had invited the village children and their families to join the YISS team for the special event. Together, they sang praise songs, shared about Jesus, played games, and did crafts with the children while their parents looked on with curiosity. The team’s desire was to bless and minister to the people there, and yet, God used the hospitality and kindness of the villagers to bless the YISS group immensely.

Sri Lanka

After spending time in Pundalouya, the team returned to Colombo to visit a school called All Nations International School (ANIS). There, the YISS students spent days plastering walls that needed repairing. When not engaged in manual labor, they played with the primary school students and taught them about the Bible. Following their stay at the school, the team traveled south by train to their final destination–Hikkaduwa, where they hung out and relaxed in the beach town. Team Sri Lanka was able to experience God and His love through His creation–the beautiful landscapes and the warm-hearted people.

Leaders: Ms. Corbett, Mr. Flores, Ms. Roberts

Members: Darren S. (10), Elli K. (9), Sean L. (9), Aimee P. (9), Dawi Y. (9), Lauren Y. (9)

Enjoy this video the Sri Lanka team produced about their adventure.

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