French III Reads to Grade 3

By Sylvain Vachon Apr 13, 2018
Sherly P.

An annual highlight in the French curriculum is when French III reads to Grade 3. Initially begun as a partnership between Mr. Vachon, the high school French teacher, and Miss Corbett (3B), a francophile who had studied in French immersion in Canada, the event quickly spread to all third grade classes. This year was its fourth iteration. A total of 10 students in the French III class, composed of individuals from all high school grades, read popular French children's stories to four sections of third graders and entertained their questions about the books and why they had chosen to study the world's most romantic language.

Zach B.

For French III students, this annual event in the first two weeks following Spring Break is a time to take stock of their progress in French class and to own their advanced level in the language. Reading and explaining bits of the story to children is an unthreatening way to read aloud in French to an audience for the first time. The goal is for the French students to become confident enough to read aloud to other French speakers in the future.

Simon L. & Aamna S.

High school French is grateful for the continued support of the third grade and looks forward to our wooden (five-year) anniversary next year.

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