Forensics Club Ends Exceptional Season

By Gina S. Apr 3, 2018
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The YISS Forensics Club ended its successful competitive season at the KAIAC championship tournament at Korea International School (KIS) on March 16 and 17. On the speech side of the competition, members competed in a variety of event categories, ranging from energetic impromptu speeches to profound dramatic monologues. Captain Gina S. (12) noted, “Our team is a patchwork of exceptional, one-of-a-kind members. My four years of speech have afforded me an abundance of opportunities to improve my communication skills as well as interact with colorful individuals who have taught me countless life lessons.”

The speech team finished their season strong with the following recognition:
Matthew K. (10) - 3rd place (Original Oratory)
Ashley Y. (11) - 3rd place (Poetry)
Sean R. (10) - Finalist (Extemporaneous)
Gina S. (12) - Finalist (Impromptu)
Mia C. (10) - Finalist (Poetry)
Sungyu C. (10) - Finalist (Solo Acting)
Katie Y. (11) And Allison P. (11) - Finalist (Duo Acting)
Jasmine C. (10) - Finalist (Original Oratory)

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In debate, YISS had two teams participate in the parliamentary category, and the eloquent debaters spoke passionately with poise. Captain Hannah O. (11) commented, “When I first stepped in as captain as a sophomore, I didn't think I would see our team grow as close as we have become. There are two situations in which people can freely argue–usually, when they will never see each other again, and more rarely, when they are truly comfortable. We have become that rare case.”

The debate team also finished their season strong with the following recognition:
Matthew K. (10) And Ryan H. (11) - Finalist (Parliamentary)

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