Dr. Wells Addresses YISS Science Students

By Roger DeHart Feb 9, 2017

On Monday, February 6th, science students had a unique opportunity to hear a presentation by Dr. Jonathan Wells. Dr. Wells is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute and is one the chief architects of the Intelligent Design movement. Dr. Wells did undergraduate work in mathematics at Princeton and in geology at UC Berkeley. He received his first in theology from Yale and went on to earn a second in developmental biology from UC Berkeley.

Dr. Wells presented a lecture arguing that science is a study of nature that requires a mind. Those adopting a materialistic philosophy in science are at odds with the reality of an immaterial mind and hence empirical science. Dr. Wells also lectured AP biology students on developmental biology. He presented evidence that while DNA provides important information, there is additional information that is more basic to an embryo's identity and development which has unknown origins. This presents a serious challenge to the Darwinian paradigm and materialism.

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