Counselor Class Brings Parents Together

By Maryann Remsburg Sep 9, 2016

All students feel stressed at times. Sometimes this stress can actually be positive as it motivates students to work hard, reach deadlines or give adrenaline needed to perform. Sometimes this stress can also go too far and become a negative that weighs students down and causes them physical, emotional, and even social harm.

Twenty-plus parents joined YISS counselors, Kirstan Beatty and Maryann Remsburg, as they collaborated on the topic of Good Stress vs. Bad Stress. This was a powerful time to share, learn new information. and connect together as parents. Mrs. Beatty shared about "The Growth Mindset" which is one way we can help our children combat too much stress in their life. Teaching them to see that they haven't accomplished or learned something YET takes the focus off perfection and puts it onto growth.

The next Counselor Class (& Coffee) will be held on Thursday, November 10th at 10:00am. Look for more information which will include the link to an article which will help in preparation to collaborate on the topic.

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