ConnectArt Club Uses Art and English to Serve Community

By Alicia P. Jun 3, 2019
ConnectArt Club

The ConnectArt club consisted of artistically-driven high school students who were willing to serve the community through their talents. From playing instruments to singing, drawing/painting, and photography, members came together to put together performances or activities for various different events. ConnectArt regularly visited and served at the Hannam Elderly Center every month or two by putting on performances, doing arts and crafts, giving hand massages, painting nails, and chatting with the residents.

This year, the club actively participated in events and service projects even beyond the visits at the elderly center. Some of these included the Itaewon Global Village Festival and Seoripul Book Culture Festival, where members busked/performed, sold and read English books, and translated English for ambassadors from different countries. Although the activities of this club were artistically-motivated, some activities went beyond the arts as the members used their English-speaking skills to reach out to the community. To conclude, the 2018-2019 year for ConnectArt was a year of active participation in serving and overall immense growth, both in the individual members and the club itself.

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