ACSC Athletes Serve Others While Abroad

By Dan Hale Oct 25, 2018
ACSC Girls Volleyball

When the Guardian athletic teams travel, it is not just to compete in tournaments. At every ACSC location, teams have the opportunity to participate in service projects that are particular to the location of the tournament. This is not to say YISS teams do not head to each tournament with the desire to win. On the contrary, both boys and girls volleyball teams played in the championship game this fall. However, the community service aspect of each ACSC tournament is a unique opportunity for the student-athletes to look outside themselves and serve others.

ACSC Boys Volleyball

The service projects vary from place to place. This year, the boys’ soccer team was able to work with a group of disabled students in Hong Kong. The boys’ volleyball team played with and taught elementary students at a local primary school in Guam. The girls’ volleyball team spent time with elderly and disabled adults at a center in Malaysia. For all students who participate in ACSC tournaments, it is a great privilege to travel to play sports, but it is of lasting impact to serve those in need.

ACSC Boys Soccer

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