9th Graders Elect Student Council Representatives

Aug 31, 2020

On Thursday, August 20, all 9th grade students and homeroom teachers attended the speeches of ten candidates for student council. These candidates were running for the freshman representative positions in the student council. The rest of the 2020-2021 council members were elected at the end of last school year, so it was important to fill the remaining freshman roles in the first few weeks of school.

After listening to the speeches, the freshman class chose Audrey Y. and David L. as their representatives. Both representatives expressed their goals for the year.

“As a representative, I want to accomplish the most that we can in this situation. Due to limitations on group gatherings, I personally want to find the best way for people to be able to interact with each other,” David said.

Similar to David, Audrey had the unique circumstances of this fall in mind when setting her goals.

“I want [students] to feel excited to come to school and engage with others. I would like to create certain events that will help us to build lasting relationships during these exceptional times,” Audrey said.

To continue working towards their goals, the student council members and their advisors hold virtual meetings each week.


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