2018 Poetry Slam Continues Tradition of Excellence

By Jonathan Hannah Apr 3, 2018
Poetry Slam Winners

The high school English department held its annual poetry slam on Thursday, March 22, right before the start of the fourth quarter and Spring Break. Eleven students performed their carefully written poems to a packed house of friends, teachers, and family. Pieces ranged from the heartfelt and emotional, to the inspirational or humorous.

Guest judges Mr. Hale, Dr. Murdoch, Mr. Pash, Mrs. Craft, and Mr. Bingaman scored each poem using the same rubric used by the performers' peers for initial nominations. While waiting for the results to be tallied, American Literature and AP Language teacher, Mrs. Heil, also performed an original poem. After all the scores were compiled, Mia C. (10) was awarded first place, Candace S. (12) second, and Samson D. (12) was chosen as the crowd favorite to thunderous applause.

Poetry Slam Contestants

Congratulations to this year's contestants:
Erica C. (9)
Mia C. (10)
Paul O. (10)
Tayne K. (11)
Danny S. (11)
Katie Y. (11)
Samson D. (12)
Zane H. (12)
Jorge R. (12)
Candice S. (12)
Gina S. (12)

Poetry Slam Awards

To view this year’s Poetry Slam, click here.

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