High School

YISS Volleyball Impresses with Sportsmanship and Grit

By Emily Flaget, Craig Mooi, and Reba Nelson Nov 10, 2020

Volleyball teams perform at a high level while maintaining good attitudes and determination.

Tennis Makes YISStory with Ashley K’s #1 Finish

By Allison Craft and Mike Smith Nov 9, 2020

The tennis team sees a lot of growth this year and makes history with first-ever girls’ KAIAC #1 finish.

Cross Country Finishes Strong Despite Challenges

By Nathan Bingaman Nov 6, 2020

After an unusual start to the season, YISS Cross Country ends with top-ten finishes.

YISS Raises Scholarship Funds for the Oak Tree Project

By Betty Chung Oct 21, 2020

YISS students, families, and staff participate in the Oak Tree Run on our campus.

High School Forensics Team Places 3rd in KAIAC Tournament

By Becca Brown Oct 20, 2020

Forensics team members compete in the first of four KAIAC tournaments.

Fall Athletics Push Forward Following COVID-19 Guidelines

By Bonnie Bae Oct 6, 2020

The fall athletics season begins with COVID-19 guidelines for safety.

Students Experiment with Bubbles and Create Models

By Ashley Hostetter Sep 30, 2020

Mrs. Hostetter’s biology classes learn about cell membranes and enzymes using interactive projects.

PTO Hosts Longest Book Swap in YISStory

By Sarah Naidoo Sep 30, 2020

Book Swap enables over 1,700 books to find new homes.

High School Recognizes ESLR’s with YISSvibes Board

By Taylor Peterson Sep 25, 2020

High school teachers encourage students for displaying YISS core values.

9th Graders Elect Student Council Representatives

Aug 31, 2020

David L. and Audrey Y. are chosen as freshman representatives.

Senior Kickoff and Timeline Presentation

By Joon Myong Aug 28, 2020

Counselors help seniors and their parents prepare for the final year of high school and college application process.

The Nuts and Bolts of High School for Freshman Parents

By Bonnie Bae Aug 24, 2020

HS counselors lead an information session to support freshman parents in their child’s transition into high school.