YISS Participates in Global Campaigns Promoting Coding

By Glenn Crane Dec 28, 2017
Hour of Code Robots

From December 4-8, 2017, students throughout YISS took the opportunity to learn and use different coding languages as part of Hour of Code and Computer Science Education Week. Various coding languages were introduced to students, including block coding, JavaScript, and HTML. One student even created an original app.

Every day, YISS highlighted an hour-long activity for teachers and students to try at school or in their free time at home. Hour of Code activities ranged in difficulty from basic sequencing to more complex functions and algorithms.

In the elementary school, several classes visited the Makerspace to complete coding activities like programming robots to perform a series of tasks, as well as unplugged coding activities where students coded their own binary necklaces.

binary necklace

An exciting addition to this year's Hour of Code week was the introduction of a prize raffle. Students who completed at least one Hour of Code activity were eligible to enter the raffle to win a Wonder Workshop Dot Creativity Kit, Little Bits Drone Inventor Kits, or a CoDrone Pro Programmable Drone. The student response for Hour of Code week was excellent, with over 25% of the student population completing one or more coding activity. Congratulations to the Hour of Code raffle prize winners—Ina L. (3), Claire L. (5), Webb B. (6), and Ted P. (11).

Hour of Code Winners 1

Hour of Code Winners 2

While Computer Science Education and Hour of Code 2017 week have now ended, anyone can learn coding skills at any time. If you would like to continue learning how to code, we encourage everyone to visit code.org, hourofcode.com, or review our curated list of coding activities at Hour of Code 2017.

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