YISS Holds Divisional Transition Programs on First Day of School

Aug 21, 2018
WEB Orientation

The first day of school, which was August 13, 2018, was highly-anticipated for students and teachers alike, but it was especially exciting for those who entered a new stage of school. At YISS, students entering kindergarten, 6th grade, and 9th grade were welcomed to school with programs designed to help them transition smoothly to their new school divisions.

The kindergartners started off their first day of school with the annual Boo Hoo Breakfast. More than 36 students and their parents congregated in the school cafeteria along with kindergarten teachers, elementary leadership, and the headmaster. The families and staff shared an American-style breakfast to celebrate the kindergartners’ first day of school. After breakfast, students and parents gathered in the courtyard for photos and a final farewell. There were a few tears from the students and the parents as the kids headed to their classrooms for the first time.

Kindergarten Boo Hoo Breakfast

The middle school ran the WEB, or “Where Everybody Belongs,” transition program that welcomed 6th graders to middle school. The program was led by twenty 8th grade students who applied and were selected for the leadership team. These 8th graders spent many hours training and preparing to engage with and welcome the new, incoming 6th graders. The 8th grade WEB leaders organized and led games, mixers, and small group discussions on the first day in order to encourage the new 6th grade students to get to know each other and feel like a part of the middle school. All of the students had a great time during the two-hour assembly and started the new school year on a positive note. WEB will continue to provide positive support to the 6th graders throughout the year in all aspects of their transition to middle school. The 8th graders will organize and lead both large and small group events about twice each month in order to propel the new 6th grade students towards success and the enjoyment of middle school.

In high school, the Class of 2022 had a great start to the year thanks in large part to the L Crew leaders. Having spent the end of their summer planning for the Freshman Orientation, twenty-four 11th and 12th grade students led the Class of 2022 through a number of fun and informative activities to get them ready to be high schoolers. Freshman Orientation allowed 9th graders to enjoy spending time with peers while learning about the responsibility of being in high school, bonding as a class, and realizing that upperclassmen are not as scary as they may seem. L Crew will host study sessions and other exciting events for the freshman class throughout the year.

The faculty, staff, and student leaders of YISS hope that all students have a fantastic school year!

Freshman Orientation

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