YISS Chess Team Medals Again

By Candy Swift May 29, 2019

On Saturday, April 20, approximately 80 students from seven international schools met at Seoul International School (SIS) to participate in the third and final tournament of the 2018-19 season. Students from 3rd grade and up competed in three divisions: elementary, junior varsity, and varsity.

Representing YISS in the JV division, Max H. (8) earned second place by the winning six out of his seven rounds. He won one of those rounds by literally one second. He was also named MVP for the season. Other members of the YISS JV team were eighth-graders Khalid A. and Nathan F.

KAIAC Partner Chess

At the elementary level, Leon K. (5C) captured second place, earning him a medal for the tournament and leading to the Coaches’ Choice Award for the season. Also representing YISS, Eva H. (4A), Qi Jie L. (4B), Zion R. (4B), James C. (4C), Nathan C. (5D), Joshua H. (3D), and Coby H. (3C) competed in eight official rounds plus a special session of “partner chess” after lunch. This special session was a first for KAIAC Chess. The goal was to add a collaborative element and oral strategizing to a typically solitary game. Overall, each student kept a positive attitude and gained valuable experience that will help them grow as both chess players and critical thinkers.

KAIAC Chess Winners

The 2019-20 KAIAC Chess Tournament will open on November 9 right here at YISS. Students from 3rd grade and up are encouraged to participate if they have an interest in chess. We will also need some volunteers to help with the event. Stay tuned for further information.

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