WALKaSOCKathon Provides Goats for Families in Niger

By Simon Adams Oct 1, 2018
WALKaSOCKathon Girls

YISS Elementary School’s annual service learning campaign, WALKaSOCKathon, has two parts: first, a competition to collect ₩1000 notes for a charitable cause, and second, a walk of “a mile in another’s sock” to N Seoul Tower. This year, the event took place on Friday, September 28, 2018, and it proved to be another good year of fundraising and a great day, with pleasant weather, for a hike up to N Seoul Tower!

WALKaSOCKathon hike

Each year, a different charity is supported, and this year, the chosen charity was Save the Children, which works for the rights of many children throughout the world. One country they work in is Niger, the number one most difficult place for children to live. The goal was to raise money so that Save the Children could provide red goats for the families in Niger. These goats will be used to provide important nutrition and financial support for years to come.

WALKaSOCKathon Grand Tally Rally

After nearly a month of fundraising, the elementary students turned in ₩7,429,100! Additionally, the PTO matched 10% of the donations, providing another ₩742,900, bringing the total to ₩8,172,000. This enables Save the Children to buy 204 red goats for those families and children in Niger in desperate need! The Yellow House had the highest percentage of members who participated, earning them a dress down day.

WALKaSOCKathon Grand Tally Rally

Lives were saved through ES parents' and children's efforts this year. Furthermore, students were asked to write or draw some of the chores they had performed to earn money, and there were many lovely reports of acts of kindness and service to others. The Elementary School thanks all of the students and their families for their partnership and looks forward to making another huge difference for others next year!

WALKaSOCKathon Socks

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