Uniform Consignment Sale Benefits YISS Community and Refugees

Nov 29, 2017

The YISS PTO held its semiannual Uniform Consignment Sale from November 8-10, simultaneously with the Fall Book Fair. This year, Cathy Lim and Joe-Ann Jacobsohn passed the baton to event co-chairs Mehry Radpey and Tarjani Atal, who did not waste a moment and jumped right in.

Interest in the consignment sale has grown with every passing year. There was a record number of 50 consignors this time. Nearly 20 people had over 50 items, and a couple even had over 80 pieces to sell. Fortunately, the three-day sale drew many to browse and make purchases.

The Uniform Consignment Sale is held as a service to our school community by the YISS PTO. Profits from the sale of consigned clothing are returned to consignors. Many parents find the sale quite valuable. Those whose children undergo a mid-year growth spurt are able to buy or sell new or gently-used uniform items at very reasonable prices.

Although the sale is only three days long, there are several weeks of work done behind the scenes to make the event possible. Thank you to co-chairs Mehry Radpey and Tarjani Atal for the many hours spent sending and receiving emails, answering questions, sending envelopes with instructions, collecting clothes, unpacking, sorting, setting up, operating the sale, packing and returning unsold items to consignors and sending the proceeds to the consignors whose items were sold.

With the remaining items, the co-chairs were pleased to donate seven boxes to a humanitarian organization aiding refugees in Greece called Lighthouse Relief and three large bags to Goodwill via the collection box at the Itaewon Global Village Center. If you wish to buy or sell any gently-used uniform items, please participate in our next Uniform Consignment Sale in April.

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