Third-Graders Have Great Debate

By Domenique Roberts May 9, 2017

Imagine a world where students could openly share their opinions with peers and discuss their differences without arguing. Wouldn’t that be great? They would be able to collectively work out their differences or agree to disagree. Well, that world exists!

This quarter, third-graders in class 3A learned the difference between a debate and an argument, and they put their persuasive writing skills to work in their first speaking assessment of the year. As an innovative way to assess both areas of literacy in a fresh and exciting way, students were given a topic to research (reading) and develop a "truth statement" in efforts to persuade their audience. Each student worked collaboratively with one or two others for four weeks, and they investigated their topic and honed their debate skills before their big day. One hundred percent of parents and students agreed that this activity was a fun way to apply their knowledge, and the students look forward to debating again in the future. The overall goal of this activity was to foster an environment where knowledgeable thinkers were able to reflect truth successfully, and in the future, apply these skills in every area of their lives.

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