Swimmers Swim for Greater Purpose

By Tim Linn Feb 26, 2018
Dongdaewon Titus

On Saturday, February 24, 2018, 44 YISS swimmers of all ages competed in the annual “Swim for Dongdaewon,” a fun charity swim competition held by SFS. The competition was unique because YISS students were swimming for a greater purpose–helping others. One hundred percent of the entry fees were given to the Eugene Bell Foundation, which provides supplies for the Dongdaewon Clinic to treat patients in North Korea living with tuberculosis.

Dongdaewon coaching

YISS swimmers tested themselves and competed fiercely with many students trying new events for the first time. Between events, they spent time cheering on their friends and hanging out around the pool deck, where they relaxed before their next swim.

Dongdaewon swimmers

YISS Aquatics is thankful for the swimmers who came out on not only to test their swimming skills but also to give to others in a tangible way. The coaches are also grateful for the swim parents who came to cheer on the YISS participants. There are a couple more all-ages swim competitions to look forward to this year–the Songdo Spring Invitational at Chadwick on April 7, 2018 and the YISS Spring Invite on May 19, 2018. See you there!

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