Students Create and Invent During Elementary VBS

By Meridith Johnson Jun 1, 2017

This year, on May 26, 29, and 30, the YISS Elementary held its annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) for NICS students and Values-Based School (VBS) for Oasis students. Students enjoyed an exciting and memorable time at “Maker Fun Factory!” when they became makers, creators, and inventors over the three-day period. They learned facts about the amazing human body and that they were made for a special, unique purpose in this world. Students also took the time to appreciate the unique and wonderful things about themselves.

During VBS, the elementary students learned new songs, made inventive crafts, played exciting games, watched entertaining skits, and learned valuable Bible and character lessons. Like previous years, students enjoyed the fun, positive way to end the school year while the lessons reminded them that God is their maker, God deeply loves them, and God is always with them.

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