Shipwrecked Elementary Students Learn Life Lessons During VBS

By Simon Adams Jun 6, 2018

On June 1, 4, and 5, the YISS Elementary School held its annual VBS events: Vacation Bible School for NICS students and Values-Based School for Oasis students. The students were stranded on a deserted island where they had been shipwrecked, and they were facing three tricky problems: loneliness, worry, and misbehavior. NICS students learned how they could find Jesus during trying times, and He could set them free of each of those problems. Oasis students found robust strategies that could be the life rafts they needed in tough times, reviewing helpful character traits in the process.


Great skits, melodic songs, beautiful crafts, exciting games, and valuable Bible and character lessons were featured on each of the three afternoons. In what is now a great tradition, students closed out the year by celebrating their relationships with each other and learning powerful truths that will make a difference during their summer vacations.


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