Second Graders “Sprinkle” Compliments During Writing Celebration

By Debbie Gronski Mar 28, 2017

Second-grade students had a tasty time celebrating each other's writing accomplishments with a party at the end of their Opinion Writing Unit. While it may be rewarding for students to receive praise and good grades from their teachers, it can be even more special when they are given the opportunity to share the fruit of their efforts with their peers. Thus, the second graders were given a unique avenue to review the work of their peers.

The students had large donuts printed on their desks, next to their favorite writing pieces. They roamed from room to room, stopping at a desk that was free to use. They read what another student wrote and then wrote something they liked about the piece on tiny, colorful strips of paper. The second graders "sprinkled" each other's donuts with compliments. Miss Albright, Miss Gronski, Miss Minor, and Miss Stair were proud of the way the students worked hard to accomplish their goals, and each class had a Krispy Kreme donuts party after the writing celebration.

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