Prize Winners Walk in Shoes of ES Principals and Librarian

By Krista Roll May 15, 2018

Each year, four of the biggest Elementary Read-a-thon prizes are for students to have the chance to be principals and librarian for a day. The winners this year were: Esther S. from 2C – Principal, Isaac S. from 3C – Assistant Principal, Jackson L. from 2D – Assistant Principal, and Jacob S. from 1C – Librarian. On May 8, Esther, Jackson, and Isaac came dressed for success to the Elementary Office. Together with Mrs. Roll, Mr. Benedict, and Ms. Falkner, the administrative team had hot chocolate and pastries and prayed for the day ahead.


Right after the morning refreshments, the young principals headed to the Headmaster’s Office, where Mr. Johnson had a serious talk with them about their duties and how their job is a very critical one–to make sure students are learning and to keep all students safe. This is also where they received their Principal and Assistant Principal folders, containing their schedule for the day and papers on which to write notes to teachers.


Around mid-morning, the apprentices conducted teacher evaluations, leaving teachers encouraging notes about their teaching practices, which is another important role of an administrator. While leaving a note for Ms. DeGroat, the Elementary Librarian, Principal Esther ran into the special Librarian of the Day, Jacob. He was busy scanning in and reshelving books and making sure that the library was running smoothly. One of his tasks for the day was to create a book display to highlight “great reads” for students, and he also helped make selections for new books for the ‘18-’19 school year. Jacob even co-taught lessons for kindergarten and 1st grade. During his breaks, he chose to read–showing the true spirit of an elementary librarian.

Ice Cream

During lunch, there was a special table for the principals, where they each brought a friend to join. Lastly, the young admin team wanted to bless each elementary student and staff member with ice cream in the afternoon. They worked tirelessly to make sure each student had a special treat. Additionally, most teachers received homework along with their refreshment. After all their duties were done, they sat down in the office to enjoy their ice cream. The future looks promising for these administrators and librarian!

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