Guardians on the Run Hold First Fun Run

By Shannon McDonald Nov 26, 2018
Guardians on the Run Fun Run

Elementary students once again had the opportunity to participate in an after school activity focused on running. Mrs. Crane and Ms. McDonald created Guardians on the Run because they wanted students to develop a love for running. Running is a great exercise that almost anyone can do, but so many people dislike running. The teachers wanted to show students that running can be fun.

Throughout the trimester, students built their endurance and learned about pacing, proper form, and stretching. The group celebrated the end of the trimester by having the option to run 3, 4, or 5 km in a Fun Run held on Monday, November 5. It was really amazing to see students push themselves, and all of the runners met their goals. Parents were invited to join in on the fun, and the students were really encouraged by their cheering. Mrs. Crane and Ms. McDonald are thankful they were able to share their love of running with so many elementary students.

Guardians on the Run Fun Run

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