Guardians on the Run Build Running Endurance

By Shannon McDonald May 16, 2018

While the YISS After School Activities program has a variety of activities, including a number of sports, this spring, Ms. McDonald and Mrs. Crane started Guardians on the Run because they wanted students to see that running can be fun. After a long day at school, the runners got to stretch their legs and get some energy out, while building up their cardiovascular endurance and having fun with their friends.

Increasing running endurance was the big goal in Guardians on the Run. Students saw that over the weeks, they were able to run for more extended periods of time as they learned about pacing, monitoring heart rates, and proper running form. Running can have a negative connotation for so many kids, but the runners in Guardians on the Run were able to experience the joy of running and feel a sense of accomplishment as they were able to increase their endurance over the ASA trimester.

Students joined Guardians on the Run for a variety of reasons. Hopefully, participating in the club has made them better athletes in the other sports they practice and perhaps has even prepared them to join track or cross country in middle school and high school.

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