Guardian Ambassadors Host New Student Social

By Anna Smith Aug 29, 2019

Nothing says “welcome” quite like a party! We are thrilled to have so many new students join us in our elementary school every year. To show their excitement, the Guardian Ambassadors and Elementary Counselor host a New ES Student Social just for them. The Guardian Ambassadors are members of the fourth and fifth grade student leadership team who are passionate about building a caring community here at YISS. 

Students played outside games and strengthened new friendships.

This year’s New ES Student Social took place on Thursday, August 29, after school in the elementary gym and courtyard, and over 100 students attended the event! It was a special time of playing board games and card games, doing outdoor activities, and socializing over refreshments. It was exciting to see so many students from various grade levels getting to know one another and having fun together.

Smiles were plentiful as students played games and had snacks.

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