Funky Field Day Full of Fantastic Fun

May 31, 2019
ES Funky Field Day

Elementary Field Day 2019, which was postponed to Tuesday, May 28 due to poor air quality on the original date, was a great day full of games, laughter, and community building. This year’s theme was Funky Field Day, and it was cool to see students play water games, throw rubber chickens, and compete in relay races with their sweatbands and funky colors.

ES Funky Field Day

The teachers did a great job showing up with plenty of energy and participating in games with their students. After the official events were over, the 5th graders were surprised with a laser tag game prepared just for them in the afternoon, and they were pumped to chase down their classmates in the quest for victory!

ES Funky Field Day

It was fantastic to see so many members of the YISS community support the Elementary Field Day. Staff members, parents, alumni, and high school students sacrificed their time to help give the elementary students a great day. Field Day was truly a community building event, and it was a great example of why community is one of the strongest aspects of YISS. Thank you to everyone who made the day a success!

ES Funky Field Day Volunteers

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