Fourth Graders Act in Character for Celebration Tea

By Lauren Green Oct 22, 2018
4th Grade Harry Potter

As a creative assessment of their understanding of their unit on character traits, every student in the fourth grade read a fiction book, took notes on their main character, and acted in character for a celebration tea. Although students chose characters from numerous novels, the most popular characters across the classes were those from the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling.

4th Grade Character Celebration Tea

Throughout the tea parties, students were interviewed in character and answered questions about what their characters were like and explained how they knew about these traits based on evidence from their texts. Parents were also invited to join in celebration, and they also helped interview the characters. During the interviews, students and parents enjoyed tea and cookies together. The fourth graders were very motivated by the interactive assessment to end their first quarter reading and writing project, and it was an awesome way to learn about implicit and explicit character traits!

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