ES Students Share the Meaning of Christmas Through Musicals

By Holli Moote Dec 13, 2019

On the evening of November 26, the 2nd and 3rd grade students enthusiastically shared the true meaning of Christmas through their musical “Crazy, Busy, Peaceful, Holy Night.” Through a mixture of energetic songs, sweet carols, and passionate acting, students told the story of a family who is consumed by the busyness of the holiday season. The choir began by wondering what “Christmas Is.” Is it games and songs, or is it something more? Then we meet the “crazy busy” family with the mother who is frantically preparing for a baking competition, the father hurrying from one work obligation to another, one child growing frustrated with piano lessons, another consumed with school work, and a third running off to a play rehearsal. Yet in the midst of such “crazy busy” lives, the family is suddenly reminded of what Christmas really means. The choir sang “Take Me Back to Bethlehem” as we remembered what it would have been like when Jesus was born. The truth of what it really means to have Peace comes as the family realizes that though they do not have calm and quiet schedules, because of Christmas, they have the Prince of Peace right there with them to give them a “peaceful, holy night.”

Upper Elementary Christmas Musicals

The 4th and 5th grade students presented this year’s Christmas musical, “All About That Baby” on the evening of December 12. This musical tells the story of a clumsy, but warm-hearted shepherd named Nathaniel as he, his brothers, and sisters, his newfound friends, and a band of comical sheep get to be the first to hear the good news of the birth of Jesus. The choir did a remarkable job of telling the story through their songs. They showed the eager expectation of the Jewish people through their performances of “Waiting for a Miracle” and “Star in the Sky,” as well as the joy of the angels who brought the good news in “Messiah” and of course the beauty of the Christ child in “That Holy Night.” Even in the sillier moments of “Sheep Stuff” the students were able to share the true wisdom of putting “your trust in the One who is Faithful and True” and what it means to walk in the footsteps of a Shepherd. Congratulations to the 4th and 5th grade students on a show that brought tears of laughter and joy as they led their audience in a celebration of the birth of the One who shall reign forevermore.

 Upper Elementary Christmas Musicals

View the video recordings at yis.to/videos.

Upper Elementary Christmas Musicals

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