ES Students Help Others via WALKaSOCKathon

By Simon Adams Oct 25, 2019

On October 25, the elementary students, teachers, and parents hiked up to Namsan Tower as a part of WALKaSOCKathon, our elementary school’s annual service-learning campaign. This year, students were challenged to do chores to raise funds for the charity, MountainChild, a non-profit organization that aims to carry hope to the children of the Himalayas through meaningful programs that break the cycle of poverty.

After nearly a month of fundraising, the families and children of YISS Elementary School successfully raised ₩6,030,000! Additionally, the PTO matched 10% of the donations, providing another ₩603,000 towards the cause. 

Children in Nepal face many pressing needs. Approximately 84% of Himalayan children live in remote villages and are deprived of even the most basic education. To address this, YISS and MountainChild designated our funds to contribute towards the building of three early learning childhood centers. It is our hope that more young Nepalese children have the opportunity to learn and rather than doing manual labor full-time. A MountainChild board member shared with the ES that we literally saved children’s lives through WALKaSOCKathon. 

This year, we asked our students to write or draw some of the chores they did to raise money. We received so many detailed reports about acts of kindness and service to others. The Elementary School thanks you for your partnership and looks forward to helping make the world a better place through worthwhile service-learning campaigns, like WALKaSOCKathon!

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