ES Provides Special Social Event for New Students

Aug 25, 2015
Everyone is nervous at the start of a new year, but even more so when you are a new student in a new school. To support the transition of the new students in our elementary, the ES Guidance Counselor Mrs. Hooper and the ES Music Teacher Ms. Weir, together with the help of our 5th Grade Guardian Ambassadors hosted the New Student Social after school on August 27. The cozy event provided a special opportunity for our staff to check in with our newest students and find out how they are adjusting to school life.
ES Principal Sara Willetts and Elementary Assistant Principal Krista Roll dropped by the event to join in the activities and connect with new students as well. "It is encouraging to see so many happy faces, students making connections and finding their place. Our students can only be truly successful in the classroom, when they know they belong and are safe there. These are the programs that set YISS apart from other schools and clearly show our commitment to students. Every single child was engaged, laughing, and talking. It was a wonderful event that certainly accomplished what it intended to accomplish, providing additional opportunities for new students to make connections and build friendships." Mrs. Willetts commented as she reflected on the benefits of the social event.
Welcome new students and families. We are glad you have joined us!

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