Elementary SEW Encourages Students to Stay Positive

By Simon Adams Nov 8, 2017

Elementary Spiritual and Special Emphasis Week (SEW), which ran from October 31-November 3, was a week full of contemplation and thanksgiving, and also fun! John and Diane Windle brought their puppet show, “Hairy and Company,” with them to help the elementary students learn how to “defy gravity” in their lives. Everyone goes through challenges and has to learn how to deal with negative messages from society. Using songs and humor, the Windles helped students learn that they can take ownership of their power to choose to believe in what is positive and true.

During the chapels for NICS students, the Windles spoke about how they could choose to think about the encouraging realities of God’s great love for them, His perfect character, and how they could live happily because of God’s goodness in their lives. During the Oasis assemblies, the Windies addressed the themes of emotions, healthy choices, perseverance, and everyone’s part in choosing to have the right attitude. The puppets were an engaging and surprisingly relatable way to have the students reflect upon the world and their lives in it.

The Windles were refreshing to the elementary students and community. One puppet the children all loved was Hairy, a yellow, furry chap who loved having Diane brush his hair, and often! He was perhaps the wisest, and certainly the most enthusiastic puppet in the Windles’ show. As Hairy thought about what Diane taught, everyone learned along with him. What was most encouraging was the way the message built upon what the students already have been thinking about this year and dovetailed so well with the school’s theme, helping us to “renew our minds” all the more.

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