Elementary Families Exercise Creativity at Makerspace STEM Nights

By Jenna Hardin Dec 8, 2017

Over the past few weeks, the YISS Educational Technology department has hosted two Makerspace STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Nights for elementary families. The makerspace, which is a lab with tools and technology that allow students to create and invent, is a new edition to YISS. The Makerspace STEM Nights were filled with activities that encouraged collaboration between parents and children and fostered the tenets of computational thinking and creativity.

For the 3rd-5th grade event, students worked to create a lunar lander. They could only use the materials that they were given, and they had to work against a time limit. During the K-2nd grade event, families coded robots to collect ornaments for the Makerspace Christmas tree. They also listened to a story about snowmen and then were tasked to create the tallest snowman possible with a limited amount of supplies in 20 minutes.

Everyone who attended the events had a great time, and students and parents alike were able to walk away with a sense of accomplishment and a greater understanding of the new YISS Makerspace. Stay tuned for more Makerspace STEM Nights in the future!

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