Elementary Connects Through Virtual Open House

By David Benedict Oct 1, 2020

The elementary school teachers and administrators counted it a privilege to be able to host the annual Elementary School Open House on September 24. This year’s open house looked different compared to previous years as parents joined YISS educators on Zoom for a virtual open house experience. 

The event began at 4:00 p.m. with a live-streamed welcome presentation given by the elementary leadership team from the elementary office. Mr. Benedict and Mr. Carpenter presented information regarding the school’s response to COVID-19 and the safety measures in place on campus for hybrid learning. Elementary counselors, Ms. Kersey-Watts and Ms. Beam informed parents of counseling services and resources available to elementary school students, while Mr. Adams, elementary chaplain, gave an overview of the Chapel and Ossembly programs. 

Following the administration’s presentation, parents were dismissed to view live presentations from their student’s homeroom class teacher. Teachers presented two total sessions, giving parents a chance to attend at least two of the twenty-three simultaneously live streamed presentations. Parents were also provided with pre-recorded presentations by the related arts, ELL, and SLS teachers. 

YISS teachers and parents approached the open house with much enthusiasm and took full advantage of the opportunity to connect.


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