5th Grade Travels Back in Time

By Ellie Moncada Feb 16, 2017

Just in time for their study of the American Revolution in Social Studies and the Elementary School Read-a-Thon, 5th Grade students are traveling back in time to the 1770s during the American war for independence to learn more through historical fiction book clubs. Twice a week, with the other members of their book club, students discuss the latest events unfolding in the books they are reading... and how history actually did play a part in each semi-historical, semi-fictional tale.

"The books are good," says Joanna Vincent about the book she's reading (George Washington's Socks by Elvira Woodruff). "They hook you into the story. The wording is really good because you can visualize what's happening."

Students are also currently learning how to "read between the lines" in their story to discover any secrets of storytelling the author might be trying to share that may not be explicitly written in the text. "Reading this book is fun because we get to search for what is implicitly written in the book. It's not as boring as just reading the text for what's [obviously] already there," Irene Han says about her book, Guns for General Washington by Seymour Reit.

About her club's book, Sophia's War by Avi, Yoo says, "I enjoy how we're talking with each other about the books we're reading and how we're asking 'thick' questions that make us think more because you have to look through the text and find evidence to support your answer. I kinda also like it because [in book club] you get to be closer to your friends because you get to share with them something you like, or even love... like this book."

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