Fourth & Fifth Graders Get Audience Jazzed About Spring

By Tori Palmer Apr 20, 2018

On Wednesday, April 11, 4th and 5th grade took the stage to show off their many talents in singing and instrument playing. The 4th grade started the evening off with some jazzy tunes, both new and old. Not only did they sing about jazz, but they also got to play some classic jazz standards on xylophone, boomwhacker, shakers, drums, and more! They ended their portion of the concert with a song titled with a fitting statement about jazz–"It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)."

4th Grade Concert

Fifth grade then took the stage, beginning with an upbeat African piece expressing joy and gratitude. The element of composition was added to the concert with some 5th grade original compositions on the ukulele. This year was the first time ukulele was performed in a YISS concert. The popular introductory instrument was used not only to perform the original compositions, but students also played a traditional Hawaiian piece and a famous song from a recent movie soundtrack.

5th Grade Concert

Students and audience alike were entertained and proud of all the talent expressed throughout the evening, and all found a springy, jazzy step in their gait as they exited the building. 

4th Grade Concert

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