High School Recognizes ESLR’s with YISSvibes Board

By Taylor Peterson Sep 25, 2020

During the week of September 21, with the help of L Crew, the high school counseling department created a way to celebrate students’ achievements, improvements, and positive attributes even when they were not at school.

A bulletin board called “YISSvibes,” styled like an Instagram profile, was created to showcase our ESLR's or Expected Schoolwide Learning Results. These are a set of core values that YISS hopes every student will grow to display both inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers created “shoutout” notes for students who displayed one or more of the ESLR’s and attached them to the board under the right category. Students could check out the positive things their peers did to create the “vibe” they wanted at YISS by looking on the board, the counseling Schoology page, or listening to the announcements at school.

The goal of this board was for students to feel empowered that they have an impact on what “vibe” they want their environment at school to be. These “shoutouts” allowed students to be appreciated for the positive things they did and reinforced all the good that we want our school to embody. This helped shape and mold students’ minds about how their actions impact not only themselves but others, as well as the environment of the school. Teachers were also able to build positive relationships with students as they recognized the great things students do day-to-day.