YISS Achieves Goals Towards Continuous School Improvement

Robin Parsons Jan 16, 2019
Admissions Office

YISS continuously works to improve in order to provide the best learning environment for our stakeholders. To do that effectively, YISS has a Continuous School Improvement Plan and a team of 12 administrators and teachers who oversee the work toward our goals. The five priority goal areas were identified from the collaborative self-study work and ACSI and WASC accreditation review that took place in 2016. During the self-study process, parent and student representatives worked with teachers and administrators on committees that evaluated and reported on all aspects of our school. The ACSI and WASC visiting accreditation review team then verified the findings with observations, data review, and interviews with students, parents, and staff. At the end of this process, the visiting accreditation review team gave commendations and recommendations for areas to consider for continuous improvement, and these recommendations have become the key focus areas for the YISS Continuous School Improvement Plan.

Below, you can see the five goal areas, as well as the progress toward our goals that we have achieved so far. We hope that you will join us celebrating the progress we have made toward our goals and will look forward to further updates on our improvement efforts!

If you have suggestions for our Continuous School Improvement Plan goals, please share them via this form.


Improvement Goal #1 Focus:
Facilities to Support Programs

    • New makerspace (July 2017)
    • New adult guest bathrooms in parking garage (July 2017)
    • New concession stand (July 2018)
    • New HVAC and air purifiers installed (July 2018)
    • New adult guest bathrooms in lobby (Dec. 2018)
    • Admissions & Community Relations offices relocated to first floor (Dec. 2018)


Improvement Goal #2 Focus:
Standards-Based Learning and Reporting

    • All school in-service training with Dr. Guskey & Dr. Jung (Feb. 2017)
    • All school in-service training with Dr. Guskey (Feb. 2018)
    • MS & HS in-service training with John Gaskell (March 2018)
    • Principal-led professional development (2016-2018)
    • Improved report card alignment for ES & MS (2017 & 2018)
    • Information shared with parents at Principal & Parent Meetings/Coffees


Improvement Goal #3 Focus:
Reviewing & Assessing Expected Student Learning Results (ESLRs)

    • Working committee of teachers and administrators formed (Jan. 2017)
    • Mission and vision statements analyzed (Jan. 2017)
    • YISS Graduate Profile draft initiated with descriptions of academic, spiritual, relational, and personal qualities of students (2016-2018)


Improvement Goal #4 Focus:
Increasing Tenure of Staff

    • Administrator training with Dr. Duane Jobe on factors that impact teacher tenure (Nov. 2017)
    • Base salary increased (2018)
    • Ongoing review and update of compensation structure

Teacher Meeting

Improvement Goal #5 Focus:
Schoolwide Curricular Alignment

    • Drafts of K-12 scope and sequence charts completed and reviewed for the following subjects: Fine Arts, Library/Media, Performing Arts, PE, Science, Social Studies, Technology (2018)
    • Drafts of K-12 scope and sequence charts in progess for the following subjects: Bible, English, Math, World Languages (2018)