Winter Book Fair Extends During Hybrid Learning

Jessica Chung and Robin Choi Dec 14, 2020

From November 30 to December 10, the Winter Book Fair provided a place for YISS students and teachers to purchase new books at bargain prices. There was much anticipation for the event since the Spring Book Fair was canceled last school year due to the shift to virtual learning due to COVID-19. Rather than cancel the event this year, the librarians and the PTO spent time exploring ways to host the book fair within our COVID guidelines and make the event as safe as possible.

The Book Fair Committee arranged for tables to be spaced out to maximize the space in the main lobby and invited only one book vendor rather than two. The event was closed to the public and open for the most part to only YISS students and teachers. Different from past years, the Committee decided to allow only one class to visit at a time to enable socially-distanced shopping. In order to schedule each class for 30 minutes, the Winter Book Fair was extended from three days to four days. Some other adjustments included no parent volunteers and no classroom library book donations.

Typically, the busiest time of the book fair is after school between 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. when both parents and students are browsing. However, to minimize crowding, the book fair was not open after school. Although these measures changed the lively atmosphere of the event, they were put in place to ensure a safe shopping environment for all. This year’s book fair was definitely a one-of-a-kind event, requiring much patience, flexibility, and understanding from everyone involved.

Despite the many adjustments, the event was a huge success. All classes from kindergarten through 8th grade were able to visit the book fair event which spanned a two-week period in order to allow for a smaller number of shoppers each day. It was wonderful to see our students strolling among the tables of books looking for their favorites or picking out something special for their family at home. Thanks to our YISS librarians and PTO Book Fair Co-chairs who rolled with the punches to make this event happen!