WALKaSOCKathon Raises Money for Clean Water

By Simon Adams Oct 5, 2017

YISS elementary school’s annual WALKaSOCKathon was on Friday, September 29. It was a sunny, happy, and meaningful day when the entire elementary school walked all or part of the way up to Namsan in their silly socks. The students were walking in the shoes of two sisters from Uganda, Doreen and Jouvllet, who need to walk four hours a day to retrieve water.

WALKaSOCKathon supports a different charity each year, and this year’s charity, Tearfund, works with children like Doreen and Jouvllet, and others like them throughout the world. The students faithfully saved up their ₩100 coins over the past month and brought them in for the big day. The goal was set at raising 500 kg of coins this year, and the students blew that goal away with 541.7 kg! The money will go towards helping Doreen and Jouvllet buy a rainwater tank so they will have access to clean water near their home.

The students enjoyed walking in the wonderful weather with their classmates and even some family members. After the morning walk, everyone gathered in the auditorium in the afternoon for the Grand Tally Rally to celebrate their huge achievement and review the reasons for their efforts.

WALKaSOCKathon encourages YISS elementary students to empathize with others and do something to make a difference, and we look forward to next year!

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