Summer Reading Bingo Encourages Students to Read

Sep 18, 2019

This past summer, the elementary students were challenged by the ES Library to participate in the Summer Reading BINGO program.  Students received a BINGO sheet filled with reading activities to complete. Some of the activities encouraged students to access and read from electronic books and magazines, while other activities encouraged students to read in unconventional places such as a dry bathtub or a fort made of blankets.  

Each activity needed to be signed by a parent verifying completion. For each row of activities completed (which is a BINGO), students were entered in a drawing for a chance to win the grand prize of two tickets to Lotte World! If students completed every task on the card, they earned a bonus ticket! There were 518 tickets filled out and placed in the drawing which took place in the library just before the Chuseok holiday. 

The drawing was video recorded and then sent to homeroom teachers so that students could watch the winner being drawn and announced. The name on the winning ticket was 3rd grader Jiyu L!  Congratulations, Jiyu! Enjoy your day at Lotte World!