Students Value Others Throughout Stand Up Campaign

Oct 26, 2018
Stand Up Guardian

At YISS, we strive to be proactive and intentional about establishing and maintaining a safe and caring school culture of acceptance, tolerance, and respect. Each year, we conduct a school-wide bullying awareness campaign, called Stand Up. The campaign is run in two parts, for two weeks in the fall and two weeks in the spring.

Elementary Stand Up

For this year’s fall campaign which took place from October 8-19, elementary students practiced “5 Ways to Value Others – 1) Say ‘thank you,’ 2) Focus on the positive, 3) Brag on someone, 4) Speak your appreciation, and 5) Treat everyone equally.” Students strengthened their community by participating in reinforcement activities with other elementary students and high school students. A variety of student performing groups showed how much they valued the Stand Up campaign by enriching assemblies with step routines, skits, and songs that demonstrated the “5 Ways to Value Others” in creative ways.

Middle School Stand Up

MIddle school kicked off the Stand Up campaign with an assembly encouraging students to participate in a daily hashtag challenge. Students were to take the hashtag and show their interpretation of it by taking a photo. Each day had a theme that focused on recognizing their worth and value, along with others. They then uploaded their photos to Schoology for a chance to win a daily prize. Those who participated in all 10 challenges won a pizza party lunch.

Middle School Stand Up

In high school, the Stand Up Campaign wanted to make sure that everyone is valuing themselves and others. Each day throughout the two-week campaign, high school students and teachers were given a theme and were challenged to live it out in their lives. Themes included Meaningful Monday, Wellness Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday, and Feel Brave Friday. On the last day of the campaign, students were given "I Value You Because..." stickers to share with their friends to let them know they were valued. All YISS students should be very proud of their hard work and commitment to making our school a place where everyone feels supported.

High School Stand Up

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