Senior Retreat Prepares Students for a Successful School Year

By Wilson Lee Sep 4, 2017

From August 19 to 21, the YISS senior class had a fantastic time on our annual school-sponsored Senior Retreat. The entire class, along with faculty chaperones, spent three days and two nights at Camp Mount-O-Pines, located on the northwestern outskirts of Seoul.

The retreat was designed to help the seniors gain a big picture overview of how to approach the year--through making wise choices in every area of their lives. Activities ranged from personal and academic goal setting to testimonies from our faculty. One of the highlights of the retreat was the “vision casting” activity. The seniors spent time reflecting on their personal and academic goals as they assembled their own Chinese sky lanterns, which they later lit and released into the night sky.

Though it rained throughout the weekend, there was a fortunate reprieve from the rain, which allowed for a hike up Bukhansan to enjoy a beautiful view of Seoul. With plenty of free time to continue building relationships with their classmates, the Class of 2018 came back refreshed, informed, and ready for a successful school year.

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